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Hello Bloggers welcome to this post.

Here in this blog post you will know my methods of writing blog posts.

Prstha is not just a tool. It’s my years of blogging experience packed into single Tool.

Let’s get Started.

Step 1: Front Page of Prstha Tool

This is a starting interface of Prstha Tool and this is…

Prstha — The On Page SEO Tool by Sagar

There are many new people getting into the Blogging field.

At first, They start on without any investment, they keep target on writing 3–4 Blog Post Daily Due to the lack of knowledge/or unknowingly they don’t follow the rule of SEO.

After Search Engine Crawls particular blog posts, It…

If you are on this blog searching to create a blog for free, I can understand because this was my exact situation. you might be having a different situation.

ok, let me share my personal experience. My Sad Story Begins

I got no money to afford web hosting & to…


Passionated Man behind Blogger empowering more than 100+ readers.

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