How To Do Proper On Page SEO On Blog Post.

Prstha — The On Page SEO Tool by Sagar

There are many new people getting into the Blogging field.

At first, They start on without any investment, they keep target on writing 3–4 Blog Post Daily Due to the lack of knowledge/or unknowingly they don’t follow the rule of SEO.

After Search Engine Crawls particular blog posts, It doesn’t take Crawled blog as It’s priority.

Beginners barely wrote 200–300 words which they feel enough. But Actually this is not enough.

This is where turning point of bloggers. they search on Google

Google show results in search page about On Page SEO.

On Page SEO

It is a part of blogging where the process of On Page SEO helps rank in Google.

There are many other Blogger who has experience of 2 years or less than.

They often get confusing with the process of On Page SEO.

This On Page SEO tool is kept free keeping new bloggers in mind.

Prstha can be used to estimate exact score.

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