Hello Bloggers welcome to this post.

Here in this blog post you will know my methods of writing blog posts.

Prstha is not just a tool. It’s my years of blogging experience packed into single Tool.

Let’s get Started.

Step 1: Front Page of Prstha Tool

This is a starting interface of Prstha Tool and this is how it looks.

As you can see it has progress bar. after completing the steps it progress forward which shows in percentage.

  • First you need to complete verification step you need to enter the what it asks.
  • In this above picture verification you need to enter is 4. Things can change in future.

Step 2: Enter Title of Blog Post.

  • This is a second step.

You need to enter title / keyword of your blog post and click next.

Step 3: Titled Focused Keyword

  • Focus Keyword Section

If your title contains a keyword then you need to click on YES otherwise you need to click no.

After you click on yes you can see progress bar increasing to 8%

Click on Next Step.

For Example:

  • Targeted Keyword: Blog Post.
  • Targeted Title: How to write Blog Post.

As you can see above, Title contains keywords, If you have the same then you need to click on yes.

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